Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin, and London. What’s next?

The attack to the Westminster reminds the previous attack carried out by jihadi group. This way of terrifying is not good enough to break the unity of the Londoner.

The facts of this parliament attack indicate that they are similar to those attack carried out by the ISIS in Paris, Nice and Berlin last two years. It was a no fire arm attack, is a new, low-tech face of modern terrorism. Instead of deadly weapon a car, driven at speed into crowds of tourists and Londoners. They were the softest of targets. This is dangerous- anyone with access to motor vehicle can use it in a terror attack. These types of attacks are very hard to deal with. This attack is assumed as the result of sick mind having influence of the militants group.

Westminster Bridge is the busiest tourist thoroughfare in Britain, connecting Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey with the London Eye and the other visitor attractions on the South Bank. At any hour during the day hundreds of visitors crowd the pavements and point their cameras, on the monuments. Parliament itself is a gift with a small railing, an invitation to the terrorists. The symbol of democracy around the world was always a likely target.

The overall location of the attack is significant and fit into the strategy of the ISIS normally carried out such incident to create a fear. They somehow challenge the safety concern and showcase their power to be dominant. The Central of the London is the safest place, this is done to maximise the effect of their presence.

These attacks someway try to break the integrity, but the thing which needs to be remember is that there are same values that those who attack on us hate so much. We have suffered so many Terrorist attack in the heart of our city, every time we show the sense of security, integrity and stand together to fight the terror. Adding to it our police and security service have always counter many attacks in past several years. These activities are always made by coward, extremist and the terrorist to fulfil their nasty needs.

A great salute to the police and the heart sympathy for who died or got affected. We will always hold the values and the prosperity.


#London attack #Westminster attack #stop terrorism #we are not afraid     



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