Green Street, East London now days has become popular of burglaries. It is fourth such instance in a week. Last night a group of four people forcefully entered in 60 Bristol road at 12 in midnight.

Witnesses told me he’d been sleeping in the house along with his mom and dad. Someone knocked on his front door before midnight, did not answer and continued to wait as he heard the person move to the back door and break the lock.

They all were face covered; he confronted the burglars but failed to do that. The four sharply took LED, two mobile phones and few more items away. Thankfully they didn’t hurt the victim, he was left safe. According to the neighbours these people are drug and alcohol addicts, they just steal car logo, mobiles, and such small things.

One neighbour says “My son reminds me to lock my car every night because of ‘the thief’. He says he’s worried he’ll come inside our house and steal his Logo. The Street of East London is no longer safe anymore. People lived here with a fear of being robbed. So many cases have been recorded everyday of burglary, stabbing and harassment.

Police complaint was made by the victim but seems of no use. There are so many cases of burglary happened every night but police has been proved failed to put them behind the bars so far.

In total there were 46,259 household burglaries in London over the 12 months, and police solved 2,918 cases. Either the police aren’t giving these kinds of crimes the priority they deserve or they are so stretched that they no longer have the resources to deal with them, possibly it’s both.  Neither reason will be acceptable to Londoners.


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